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Against Gun Control

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Throughout history, there has always been certain issues that not only spark debate, but also bring in arguments based on peoples’ moral and emotional values. These types of issues are known as controversial issues, because it is difficult to come up with a single correct answer because solid arguments can be made for both sides of the issue. Today’s controversial issues are debated by two sides based on opposing political ideals. These two opposing sides are the liberals and the conservatives. Conservative idealists are those who favor traditional views and values and tend to oppose change. Conservatives are often wealthy white males, and conservatives are often members of the Republican political party. Those who oppose conservatives in debates are referred to as liberals. Liberal idealists are those who favor proposals for reform, are open to new ideas for progress, and are tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others. Liberals are often poorer minorities, and are usually members of the Democratic political party. Members of these opposing political ideals are constantly debating on a number of controversial issues, most of which will never be settled.
There are a number of extremely controversial issues today that are frequently revisited due to new information and new statistics that often arise on the subjects. A common issue that is often discussed is gun control. Conservatives are against gun control, using the second amendment to help advocate free gun rights. Liberals are for stricter gun control, thinking that stricter gun laws will prevent violent crimes. On this issue, I feel I am conservative. I believe that stricter gun laws only affect those who only wish to own guns to protect themselves, and have proven themselves to be ineffective at stopping violent crime.
Guns make it easier to kill and injure people. Therefore, it is obvious to the most casual observer that reducing the prevalence of guns will ...

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