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A Modern, Brave New World

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A Modern, Brave New World

To predict the future of a society can be an impossible feat, however Huxley’s Brave New World and his insightful predictions of the future are astonishingly accurate in several areas of our own society; his predictions in regards to sex: promiscuity, the teaching and aiding the use of birth-control methods show significant similarity in today’s society. Scientific advances in Brave New World slightly bear a resemblance to many of our recently newfound discoveries. The characters in Brave New World have an intense obsession with beauty and youthful appearance that closely resemble our modern perspective on the human form. Religion of today is also slowly starting to resemble The Brave New World vision of doctrine. On the other hand, Huxley’s prediction of parenting is very off from today’s parental values and expectations.
In Huxley’s Brave New World the people treat sex as a form of hedonistic pleasure and entertainment, rather than a way of showing love or for means of reproduction. Most forms of entertainment in Brave New World somehow relate to sex (Sykes). For example, the feelies are pornographic movies with a more advanced plot line and the added bonus of experiencing the same things as the actors on the screen (Sykes). In Brave New World, a person would take a “first-date” to a feelie, then afterward go somewhere to engage in sexual activity. The government encourages sex and promiscuity among its citizens; if a person is not promiscuous they are seen as an outsider. To be monogamous is frowned upon tremendously, and to have a long term relationship is questioning the government and his “Fordship.” In today’s society sex is discussed more freely than it has ever been in the past. Today sex is shown in all forms of media: from magazines, television, movies, and the Internet. The pornographic industry is one of the countries leading enterprises. Many outside corporati...

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