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Aspirations To Get Ahead

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The American Dream is based on independence the “Declaration of Independence”. We believe that all people are born with these rights, freedom to achieve the American Dream. In “The Death of a Salesman”, by Arthur Miller and “A Doll’s House”, by Henrik Ibsen both portray two people who realized their independence when they were at the end of their rope.
Most of Miller’s play is directly or indirectly about the American Dream, because, ultimately this dream wasn’t going to succeed as lots of people wished. Death of a Salesman is a moving destruction of the whole myth. To be hard working, honest and have ambition were the ways of the American Dream. This will only lead to success, wealth and in due time – power. But the dream for everyone developed and encouraged greed, selfish behavior, pride and rivalry between one another.
Willie Loman, in “Death of a Salesman”, has lived his life in pursuit of the American dream. Traditionally the American dream meant opportunity and freedom for all, and Willie believed that. However, hard work could not earn him everything that he wanted or thought he deserved. In order to obtain the American Dream and himself he had to accumulate wealth and objects. The consumer oriented society in which Willy’s life will not allow him to live the American Dream.
In “A Doll’s House” Nora’s husband treats her like a child. And in turn she acts somewhat like a child, innocent and naïve. She’s has three children, but they are not being raised by her. No one really takes her seriously, because she walks around as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. All this changes once Krogstad threatens to tell Nora’s husband her secret she becomes fearful and fears her whole peaceful life is about to come to end. Drastically she thinks of ways to resolve the problem. She contemplated leaving her husband, children or committing suicide, but she could never kill herself. ...

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