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Analysis Of 10 Children's Plays

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(Long Play)

Title of the play: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Author’s name: Jan Brett

Number of Acts: 4

Analysis of major characters:

Main Character: Goldilocks

Age: Young child

Profession or Trade: None

Desires And Goals:

Goldilocks desires to go for a walk in the woods, she then desires to make herself at home in a cottage she stumbles upon that happens to belong to the three bears.
Likes and Dislikes:

I like the way that Goldilocks is very outgoing and curious about the three bears cottage in the woods. I also like that everything that Goldilocks does is very innocent, she is a great character for children to portray, and easy for children to relate to as well. I dislike the way that Pappa Bear is portrayed. He is portrayed as a sexist man that is in control of the family, which is not common in the modern world now. The woman and the man are very much equal today.
Relationship with other characters:
Goldilocks is not very well like by the three bears. The bears are alarmed to find a young girl who has ate their porridge, and slept in their beds. The bears feel as though they have been violated in some ways. Goldilocks is very innocent in her wrongdoing. She feels as though she had every right to stop at the bear’s house to get something to eat and rest for a bit.
Synopsis of the plot:

The three bears decide to go for a walk in the woods while their porridge cools down.
Goldilocks, a young girl heads out for a walk in the woods as well, when she stumbles on a cottage in the woods. Goldilocks being a curious young girl, decides to go in the house and check it out. Goldilocks ends up eating some porridge, which belongs to the three bears that live in the house. Soon after, she decides to take a little nap. When the three bears return home from a family walk in the woods, they find Goldilocks asleep in baby bears bed. Goldilocks then dashes out of the house and runs back through ...

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