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A Doll's House

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I found A Doll’s house to be a very complex and a very well thought out play. Rather than presenting the traditional happy ending Ibsen decided to end the play with a twist, especially for the times. I decided to take the ending that Ibsen used and prolong it. Through out the play I had a connection with the character of Dr.Rank. I felt that he provided guidance and advice to household. Since Torvald confided in him so much I felt that Nora should as well. I sent Nora to Dr.Rank’s home was mostly because of the conversation they had earlier when Rank told Nora had some feelings for her and also the fact he was the only other person Nora trusted or confided in at the time besides her friend Kristine.
Since Nora left her home so confident and headstrong I did not want that momentum to die in the next act (IV). Even though DR.RANK was not in the best physical and metal condition I still wanted him to be an asset to the play. I believed that having that conversation in RANK’S home showed that she did care for him as well and that she also trusted him and the advise he had.
I wanted to show NORA and DR.RANK having something in common in act IV because I felt they had a small connection during the play. Plus I wanted to show a change in character with DR.RANK because I wanted him to continue throughout the play.
At the very end, when NORA asked rank for money it was the punch line related to the incident with Krogstad. The reason being I feel that NORA could never the independent women that she dreams of. Nor does know any other lifestyle and she always has to be controlled or comforted by someone....

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