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Shouldn’t We Blame Ourselves Instead

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Most people inherit others’ knowledge to grow and survive. Since person-to-person learning is not always available, we use a more effective solution to pass information from one to others – media, like bridges between people’s minds. Media can be any forms that affect our perceptions and conceptions - books, TV, schools, or even the society. You believe in god because of your parents, just like they inherited from their parents. Your parents then are religious media that in between your ancestors and you. One day, you bring your children to the church, you become the media as well. As human beings, we all rely on media to get idea, information, and knowledge to improve our lives. That is also how civilization keeps moving forward. As result, the better our lives are, the more we need to know. The media, therefore, becomes more efficient and effective because of limited time of human lives.

Today, the most powerful media is probably the Internet. It gives us - the information receivers, a lot of advantages that the traditional media cannot provide. Before, media only allowed the audience passively received whatever it delivered. It is a one-way communication. For instance, you can only choose whether listen or not listen to a radio show. There is not much you can do about a radio show you don’t like. On the other hand, not only audience can access any kinds of information the web any time, they can also easily create their own “shows” (websites) on the Internet. Suddenly, we are not just information receivers. We can be providers as well. There are more interactions. Moreover, the Internet is available all the time, and deliveries whatever you request to you. Compare to other media, the internet users think they have more options of information available, more controls than before, and more personal freedom. It seems like the Internet is the best information revolution ever happened to the human communication so far.


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