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Sensoring Pornography On The Internet

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Pornography is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as the description of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writings) intended to cause sexual excitement. The porn industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and last year the industry grossed over 9 billion dollars. The majority of American citizens look down upon pornographic videos, books, magazines, and the Internet (the newest medium for pornography). “As with all other mediums, online draws its energy from the same two timeless topics, radical politics and sexual fantasy” (Van der Leun 36-37). People are going to see porn wherever they look in this world. Every newsstand has pornographic magazines. “Pornography, racist propaganda and violent computer games are available on the internet, just a mouse-click away from your child’s eyes” (Lloyd 39). The American government is now looking into censoring cyber porn. They feel that children are getting on the net and viewing pornography on every web page that they visit. As any web surfer knows, this is untrue. A person has to look up porn; it won’t come to that person. There is a problem at hand, which is the censoring of the Internet.
The Internet is now one of the main communicating tools of the world. Any person can find out how their favorite sports team is doing, check Olympic standings, read an online book, buy a set of golf clubs, or see Cindy Crawford nude. The question ids, should the U.S. government restrict the material on the Internet so young children cannot see those pictures? “Simply put, there are two opposing views on the issue. First, protectors of the First Amendment claim that any such restrictions would violate the fundamental American right to send and receive information. Many people, however, argue that measures designed to protect children should not be considered a threat to out constitutional rights” (Mertz 51-54). Parents are becoming concerned about the amount of Po...

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