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Securing Your Network

Securing Your Network
Can a network be secure in today’s changing world? Why do we need network security? Does the network security process ever stop? These are the big three questions asked by corporate executives all the time. Companies want to feel safe and secure that their files are safe. With all the computer attacks in the news these days, it makes companies wonder if they will be the next targets. Network intrusion can spell disaster for many companies. There are many things we can do to protect our networks. A good security plan outlining basic security measures is needed for quick response and disaster recovery. Auditing, tracking and monitoring a network can show leaks and intrusions. Firewalls and other software and hardware appliances can help deter network intruders. Making use of the different types of encryption can reduce your exposure to invaders. There are many ways that hackers can get into a network. Network security is vital to protect financial data, inventory, customer information, research, and last but not least network privacy. Network security never stops; it is an ongoing task to protect our data from prying eyes.
Keeping a network secure is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of attention to detail. Similar to troubleshooting faulty equipment, tracking down security breaches in the network and finding their cause requires tools made for the job and someone trained to use them. To have security practices that make sense you must first define a security policy that spells out exactly what can and cannot be done on the network. Intruders who might penetrate the network and compromise data and programs do so in many ways. One of those is to exploit naive users who are on the network. A good security policy that is enforced can provide better insurance against the naïve user giving access to someone outside that may do harm to the network. Other tas...

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