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Risky Call

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Remember what life was like before CD¡¯s, DVD¡¯s, the Internet and cellular phones? Cellular telephones have become as much a part of modern life as the automobile. They have been around for a while now, and there is no denying that the novelty factor is considerable for many people. The idea that you can sit and talk in your car is pretty appealing. Cellular telephones are used in virtually all segments of society for everything. Since the cellular phone is such a convenience, the popularity and the fueling trends have become ¡°the new technology.¡±
Whether its saying hi to mom, calling home to see what you need from the grocery store, or staying in touch with clients to calling for help in emergencies, talking in the car is convenient. Another factor fueling the trend is traffic congestion. Lets face it, talking on the phone helps alleviate the irritation and boredom. It helps people feel like they¡¯re actually doing something useful with the time they sit and wait.
Many or us depend on cell phones and feel we just cant live with out them, even in the car. A cell phone is very convenient and inexpensive, its no wonder 46 percent of women drivers and 47 percent of men drivers own a cell phone. Over 100 million Americans own a cell phone. That is over a third of the U.S. population (Fischer, 2002).
Cellular phones offer several key advantages such as the ability to make calls anywhere you are because you can easily clip a cell phone on your belt, carry it in your purse, where it around your neck, or just put it in your pocket. It is also a cost effective solution for making long-distance calls. Many cell phone service plans don¡¯t differentiate between local and long-distance calls so by choosing the right plan, you can save on your monthly phone bill. That makes it easier to stay in touch with family and friends across the country.
The IRC (Insurance Research Council) looked at who is on the phone, how o...

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