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Persuasive Appeal Analysis

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When we, as an exposed audience or even more specifically as the constructed or target audience, view television or are “exposed” to radio, we are “exposed” to mass media. The commercials within this type of advertising that we come into contact with are not normal of public communication, they are persuasive and designed to make us, the viewer or audience, want to go buy what the manufactures are selling. There are many companies in the competitive marketing industries which of whom succeed and also many unfortunately failures.
There are many comparisons and even more distinguishes between companies which succeed and those which fail. These differences which set the companies which fail apart from those that have succeeded is their ability to win over their customers and sell the product being manufactured. In any type of persuasive communication, which is both public and successful the person who is exposed to the images may not realize what they are looking for in a commercial for a product which they didn’t even know that they needed. Therefore, many advertisement agencies include a credible source to present the context, also an attentive getter, a type of self image for which the audience to relate with. They also put forth the effort to convince and/or persuade the consumer to buy their product instead of another product. After reviewing several commercials and comparing their good and bad points, as I have stated before, this is my conceptual analysis of the commercial that I think is the m!
ost successful and/also the most convincing (about buying the product being advertised) which is currently being advertised.
The commercial which appealed to me the most when researching this paper was one which included one male (a blind date) and two females (roommates) this is a commercial for a Sony digital video camera and at the same time for the digital “Memory Stick”. In the commer...

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