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Palm m505

The Palm m505 is a new PDA that, unlike many PDA’s, comes with a color screen, a Motorola Dragonball VZ processor, 8MB of memory, a 160x160 pixel color display with over 65,000 colors. This PDA is one of the first in a new breed of color displays. Palm has also incorporated two expansion slots, one for memory, and one for extra peripherals.
This is one of the first color PDA’s out on the market. The unit is capable of displaying pictures with great quality.
The smaller expansion slot is for multi media expansion cards and secure digital SD expansion cards, which are used for backup purposes. Soon Palm will release a SD card that will hold 256MB. These SD cards are only the size of a postage stamp. Programs like a dictionary and games will be available in the small expansion card form.
The large expansion slot at the top of the Palm will be for the Secure Digital Input Out put (SDIO) devices. Some of these devices include a modem, digital camera Global Positioning System, barcode scanner, bluetooth module, and an MP3 player.
This unit connects links up with a PC using a HotSync cradle, and also uses an infrared port for data and software sharing.
The m505 is leading us into the future of PDA’s. Any store or retailer with a barcode system could easily use this device to help calculate inventory. With the camera attachment an insurance adjuster could quickly take photos necessary for processing a claim. With mobile connection, the pictures and any notes could be instantly uploaded to a server at any location. It could come in handy to businesses that send employees on business trips. With the GPS attachment a person could easily find their way around a new area with little trouble.

In the picture below you can see some of the SDIO devices mentioned.

The Palm m505 has a reflective screen which makes it easy to view outside in sunlight. It also has a backlit screen for visibility in da...

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