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Internet Security

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Internet security in one of the hottest topics in the e-commerce industry today. Industry experts predict security issues on the Internet are the primary reasons many companies and consumers are hesitant to do business online. The Internet is a large-scale network of systems that is highly unbounded. This means it has no system of administrative control and no security policies. If there are security policies or laws they constantly need to be altered because of the changing technology. You are always up for an attack or an intrusion of your own privacy. Survivability is the key. Just the simple task of checking email, browsing, chatrooms, or even shopping can be harmful. You can be safe in this environment but you must always be on the alert for problems.
Three kinds of Internet security issues that are the topic of conversation; Unauthorized access, back doors and loopholes and, the potential threat of confidential information sent over the internet can be viewed (Scott, 1998). There are several ways you can become a victim of these issues. Email, browsing, shopping or banking and chat rooms are a potential threat for your security.
Email can be a type of security issue. America Online, Inc. was forced to admit that hackers had accessed member accounts recently through an email virus. Sending and receiving email from unknown people can cause a hazard. You can make common mistakes by revealing your identity from digital signatures and sending personal pictures of yourself. Although, it is highly unlikely for someone to capture your mail while it is in route to its destination, you should always think about whom you are sending this mail to. Encrypting also is a valuable key is you are mailing confidential information. Mostly email comes from a person or a group listed in the email. Sometimes people deliberately provide the wrong information in the listing. A security conscious user last year noticed five new email me...

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