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Home Networking

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Home Network Design & Installation
“The Complete Home Office”

Today, many companies are taking advantage of current Information System technology by connecting a workplace to the home office. A carefully designed home office network can provide a secure connection to a common private network and the Internet. This will increase productivity in companies’ across the globe. Worldwide communication can be established between remote locations and main offices through phone lines, cable systems, satellite connections, and wireless technologies. The three phases in setting up a home network are: design, installation, and administration.
In phase I, the design, system requirements are determined based on the applications and the required speed of the network. Once the system requirements are established, the network equipment is selected along with the computer workstations. In phase II, the equipment is installed and connected through the network. The home network can be connected through category 5 wire, existing phone lines, and or wireless transmitters and receivers. A firewall is connected between the home office and the outside world. The firewall will protect your network from hackers trying to access your network. In phase III, the computer systems are tested for correct operation in the network environment. This phase includes system administration for the network. A home office requires system administration similar to that in the work place. User accounts can be established to monitor and control access to workers or family members.

The Benefits of a Home Office
The numerous benefits for establishing a networked home office are becoming more apparent to the business world of the new millennium. Many companies are allowing certain employees to work at home. In a study by Sage Research, John Borden states that An amazing 75% of respondents agree that telecommuting allows their organizations to retain ...

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