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Supercar Challenge

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Every year there is a “Supercar Challenge” held at the International Speedway in Michigan, Ohio. This year the competition contained a total of 15 cars and was held in September of 2004. They held two classifications of cars (Open and Sedan). The top performers in the Open class were the 2004 Lingenfelter Corvette 427 Twin Turbo and the 2004 Hennessey Venom Viper Twin Turbo SRT-10.

The “Supercar Challenge” started in September of 2001, when they ran six powerful, highly modified cars through the two-day event. Invitations were given to a group of expensive, super-strong cars, The average price is more than $130,000. The course was a 2 mile banked oval with an infield road course. Each entry was allowed five runs through a modified course. Each run included a standing-start blast to 60 mph, elapsed time and speed over a quarter-mile, road course time, and overall time. The Lingenfelter Corvette took second place overall while the Venom Viper took first place overall.

The challenge had the Open and Sedan classification of cars. The Lingenfelter Corvette and the Venom Viper were the first and second place winners for the open class. A sedan is a car with a back-seat space of 36 or more cubic feet, and an open car is pretty much anything else. The Venom Viper is a 2-passenger, 2-door roadster while the Lingenfelter is a 2-passenger, 2-door coupe.

The cars in the challenge are modified from standard stock cars that most people drive on the roads every day. These two cars have very powerful twin turbo 800 horsepower (hp) engines. Most stock cars have an average of 150-250 hp. The Venom Viper has a big V-10 engine, which has been bored and stroked from 8285 to 8550cc and pressurized to 10.0 psi with twin Garrett ball-bearing turbos. The Lingenfelter Corvette’s 800 hp engine has 830 pound-feet of torque from a twin-turbo charged 428-cubic-inch V-8. So, as you can see, these cars are extremely fast. They also have twin turbo...

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