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Effects Of The Internet

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The Effects the Internet Has on Youth and Adults

There are many effects, positive and negative, that the internet has on both youth and

adults. One of the major negative effects that the internet has on youth is by far illegal

downloading of movies, music, and also software. This has been an issue for the past couple

of years. Also the internet gives easy access to pornographic material for the youth. Kids also

don’t go and play outside anymore, they just sit home and play on the computer. Some of

the positive influence that the internet has these days is easy banking access, which makes it

really convenient for many people. People can also do all sorts of shopping through the

internet. We can shop anywhere from groceries to electronics. People also don’t use the post

office as much as they used to. Now the easier way is to send an e-mail which practically

doesn’t cost anything. Communication is another positive aspect of internet. People who

have families out of country do not have to use long distance calling anymore.

Illegal downloading has been an issue for many years. Kids don’t go to stores and buy

compact discs anymore, they download them on sites like kazza and they put them on blank

C.D. which they get at any electronic store. This has caused a major problem for the record

labels. The prices of many record labels have drop dramatically in the past couple of years.

For example Eminems latest C.D. was available way before it was released in the stores

because of illegal downloading. This made Eminem and the producers to release the album

earlier than it was planed because of dramatic money loss that they feared.

Many movie companies are loosing money as well because of illegal downloading

such as New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and so on. Movies would

make more money if there was no illegal down...

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