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MGT 487 Group Case

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
External Threats
External Opportunities
Internal Strengths
Internal Weaknesses
Alternate Strategies
Choice of Strategies

Executive Summary
Intel faces external threats that from their competitors and legal environment. Some of their direct competitors include Advanced Microdevices Inc., Samsung, and Texas Instruments. The outside physical and legal environment is also a threat that Intel has had to contend with throughout their existence. These threats have proven to be significant and must be dealt with in an efficient and tactile manner.
The external opportunities that Intel can look to are those of the global markets. Intel is noticing areas in all parts of the global that may prove to be very beneficial. After the global market is examined Intel also realizes that the technological advancements of cellphones and wireless technologies must be tamed. These areas offer a large growth potential for the company.
The internal strengths that Intel can rely on are the fact that they are the worlds largest chip manufacturer. Holding the top rank gives Intel a name recognition and familiarity that they can use to their benefit. A large portion of Intel’s success is due to their CEO Andrew S. Grove. Intel’s financial ratios and analysis show that they are increasing their numbers from previous levels.
Intel’s large structure also causes one of their major internal weaknesses. Large corporate entities must deal with procedural “red tape”. Financially Intel is facing a slowing desktop PC market and must adapt accordingly. Internally Intel has had complications of their own causing many delays on their developments. The large span between employees and management has caused some internal weaknesses as well.
Overall, Intel has multiple areas of opportunities to grow. They can choose the communications and ...

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