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DSL Technology

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Whether at home or at work, at school or on the move, we all want more speed from every service we choose to use. The theory goes that the greater the speed of service delivery we obtain to meet our daily needs - from grocery shopping to information and entertainment - the more leisure time we can create for ourselves to enjoy. The fact is that in an accelerating world, our expectations and demands keep outstripping the art of the possible and the result is frustration and stress.

What we need is some acceleration of the access technologies to deliver that world to us - and those speedier access routes really are just around the corner -coming soon to a telephone line near you in the form of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

Put simply, DSL gives the humble and ubiquitous copper wires that run throughout the world to provide POTS (plain old telephone service), the capacity to send enormous volumes of data at very high speeds. With DSL, it's not just a phone line, it's a lifestyle.

Some DSLs do that in parallel with the standard voice service, all on the same line and at the same time. Some deliver higher speeds or wider bandwidth - the more dense the data you are sending, the wider the bandwidth you need for quality and speedy transmission. Still others deliver higher capacity for downloading than for uploading data. There is a whole portfolio of DSL technologies coming on stream to match user needs at home and at work. The new millennium is about to put a completely new dimension into those telephone lines we have all come to take for granted.

Already there are towns and cities around the globe which really are wired for speed with DSL. There are even whole countries which are DSL-ed - like Singapore where ADSL on the phone lines have been given the capacity to deliver video on demand.

Here are the basic requirements for a high speed Internet access technology that makes sense for consumers:

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