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Kozma And Clark Via Driscoll

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Does Driscoll’s description of these learning environments lend support to Kozma’s viewpoint or does it support the views of Clark. Explain why you feel this way.

Before settling down to compose my thoughts on this question, I reviewed a significant amount of information including what I had previously written on Clark and Kozma. I also visited the CSILE site and “The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury”. I also found Marcy Driscoll to be interesting but somewhat confusing in her theory. It certainly seemed that she reviewed the finer points of the Clark/Kozma debate and assumed the best of both to develop her theory. Thus, I found more comparison than contrast.

I started out thinking that she was going to totally align with Kozma, but then, found that her press for “information processing” was also on the side of Clark who would have viewed the PC with “media” or a vehicle by which to deliver instruction.

Kozma, however, had discounted Clark’s belief that instructional media are mere vehicles that deliver instruction. Kozma showed that media are an integral part of the instructional design process. I believe Driscoll, in this sense, concurs with Kozma. He focused on effective technologies that could be used to reach students, to help them “learn” and gain new knowledge. Driscoll would agree since she stated “the birth of computers after WW II provided a concrete way of thinking about learning and a consistent framework for interpreting early work on memory, perception and learning. Stimuli became inputs; behavior become outputs. And what happened in between was conceived of as information processing”. (Driscoll, 2000, p 75-76).

Kozma and Driscoll both felt that technology could be an important and useful tool implemented in a proper, supportive learning environment.
I thought the only points of reference Driscoll had with Clark, in my opinion, were that, since technology is not the most e...

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