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Technology today is changing everyday because it is the pinnacle of the future. Everyday new things are coming out that the general public cannot keep up with it sometimes. One of the biggest things that have changed over the years in the classroom has been the access to the Internet and computers. With that addition of the Internet and the computers it has really been changing the way education is being taught.
Teaching has changed so much because of the access of the computers and the Internet. Now a teacher’s job can become a little easier because simple things can be done on the computer. For example now teachers can keep there attendance record and even do their grading a lot easier with computers. Once the teacher learns about all the different programs on a computer the sky is the limit. Teachers can use the program PowerPoint to do their lessons to teach their class. I think using a program with pictures and slides helps to make their presentation a lot better and can be easier for children to pick up key aspects because they can see it happening on a slide. For a physical education class a teacher could use PowerPoint to do a presentation on a skill such as throwing a baseball. The teacher could use the slides to show different skills for the class to remember.
How I would use technology and the web in the classroom is by doing my presentations. I would use a lot of PowerPoint just because I think it is a great learning tool. Also I would use videos because that way the class can actually see the skill they need to use and see it in motion. With the internet there are so many things a teacher can do. One of the best things I think the Internet provides is idea for teachers. The Internet can help a teacher come up with new things to teach and great lesson ideas. One of the best things for a teacher right now to have is the Internet. One thing that a teacher must remember is that not everyone is good wi...

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