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Rational Databases

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DSS (Decision Support System) Software What is DSS Software? Decision Support System Software (DSS Software) is an interactive computer-based system intended to help managers make their decisions. It is an application software that provides several ways to support decision making and modelling information in such way to be better arranged for user.
Why DSS Software was built? DSS Software was built because of the explosion of e-commerce activity, and people face more complex problem in making decision, especially business decisions, which have high risk of assets.
What can DSS Software do? DSS Software can support several management decision-making and decision type at all level. These include the three levels of management activity (Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Decision Making) and three types of decision structures (Structured, Semi structured, and Unstructured). How is DSS Software useful? DSS Software helps people to retrieve, summarize and analyse decision relevant data. It helps us represent information in the form of trees, diagrams and tables, which make the user, understand the decisions better and choose the best decision from the available options of decisions. What are the two major categories of DSS Software? There are actually two major categories of DSS Enterprise-Wide DSS and Desk-top DSS. Enterprise-Wide DSS are linked to large, data warehouse and serve many users in a company, while Desk-top DSS are small system that is in a PC. What are the advantages of using the two major types of DSS Software? Enterprise-Wide DSS Why people use Enterprise-Wide DSS is because users (manager usually) can find out almost anything about their company matter in moments rather than using some data warehouse like OLAP type system. Enterprise-Wide DSS can cover from simple system to complex data intensive and analytically of information system. The most sophisticated Enterprise-Wide DSS is EIS (Executive Informa...

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