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A Real and Present Wireless Danger

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Cellular phones have quickly become the essential part of our everyday lives. It is not surprise that last couple of years we see more reports that medical equipment doesn’t work properly because of cellular phones. Cellular phones cause harmful interference for medical equipment. This is serious problem that can cause anything from minor inconveniences to serious injuries or even death.
There are number of studies that show if cellular phone is being used near a cardiac pacemaker, it causes interference. It was proven that little more than a quarter of all patients with implanted pacemakers could have problems if they are using digital wireless phones. Good news is that distance of only 8 inches from the phone is needed to make sure that digital wireless phone doesn’t cause any problems. Another interesting fact is that only those phones that operate in 900 MHz frequency can cause problems. Phones that operate in 1800 MHz frequency don’t cause any problems.
All patients with pacemakers need to make sure they don’t carry phone close to the pacemaker. Another good news is that mostly all new pacemakers that are currently manufactured are guaranteed to be safe to use near cellular phones.
Also, there were other tests done with implanted medical equipment that helps patients to inhale. Forty-one patients were tested using digital 900MHz phones. Those tests prove that none of the patients had any problems. The tests were double checked by testing same medical equipment close to a field of cellular-phone antennas. Second test however indicates that strong magnetic field caused by lots of cellular phone power can cause temporary shutdown of implanted medical equipment. Therefore it is recommended for patients with implanted inhalation medical equipment to keep at least small distance between them and digital cellular phone.
Nine of external pacemakers from four different manufacturers were also tested. They showed lots of diff...

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