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Informational Technology Advancement

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In 1975 the first personal computer was marketed. This computer was called the Altair. Bill Gates, with others, wrote a basic program for the machine so it could perform small tasks. The next year Apple began to market its PC’s. In 1976, Queen Elizabeth went on-line with the first royal e-mail message. The Internet, as we know today as the Information Superhighway, was introduced in 1989. It was formed through a long chain of networks and was smaller with only a handful of people that had a computer. In 1989 the Internet had about 3900 domains and 130,000 hosts. Today there are over 3 million domains and 36 million hosts. In reality the Internet formed through the formation of the Arpanet, which was the first stage of networking, and Bitnet, which was the second stage. These two early networks were the start of the Internet, which is considered to be the third step of the network process. Due to cost savings, reliability, and resource sharing networking has become the most sought out objective to learn Ever since networking was introduced, companies have a constant drive for improvement (A History of the Compute,2004).

Information technology is a broad field that covers all aspects of managing and processing information. They are professionals who design, develop, support, and manage computer software, hardware, and networks. From the growth of its early years to the uncertainty of recent times, the IT industry has stabilized with job growth rates now rising steadily and continues to change in order to meet the needs of the business world.

In its May 2002 Hot Jobs Report, Robert Half Technology reported that networking is experiencing the strongest growth in corporate IT departments in the United States. The development of wireless networks needed to support a growing mobile workforce and the implementation of new security measures to safeguard corporate data are two major con...

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