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Telecommuting or Teleworking has been the subject of numerous debates, articles, and academic papers - and in my opinion, the difference is minimal. The term "telework" tends to be used more in Europe and some other countries, while "telecommuting" is used more in the U.S. Some people prefer the word "telework" because it's a more accurate description of the concept - the "tele" prefix means "distance", so "telework" means "work at a distance." The telework advocates also believe that "telecommuting" has too strong a connotation about the commuting aspect, and that "telework" is a broader and more inclusive terms.
Whatever you choose to call it, the underlying concept is the same: decentralizing the office, and using different ways of bringing the work to the workers. It doesn't make much difference what you call it .


This research paper will focus on teleworking or telecommuting and will cover all the facts the readers need to know about this topic for full understanding.
The term teleworking will be presented and will be use in this paper for simplicity, to tackle about teleworking or telecommuting.


Reaping the benefits for the economy
The benefits from the widespread adoption of telecommuting are threefold:
• the elimination of the tremendous waste involved in congestion, the effects of commuting, and pollution
• the improvements in productivity which promote competitiveness and growth
• the development of a high-skill workforce which is ahead of the field in working and trading over electronic networks.
Reaping the benefits for employers
The main benefits for employers are:
• substantial reductions in business mileage and the costs of congestion
• higher productivity from teleworking workers
• lower absenteeism and a happier, more loyal, more flexible and less stressed workforce.
All the evidence indicates that it...

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