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Technonlgy Vs Evolution

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Technology Vs Evolution
Until the recent discovery of cloning, no one thought that technology was in any way related to morality. In reality isn’t technology against the morals of the natural world to begin with? But is there even such a thing as a purely selfless act? Sure there are actions that seem selfless, but the reason for doing them is consciously or unconsciously selfish. Evolution is a natural occurrence that one would think is unselfish and completely moral, however in reality the process of evolution is very selfish. It is a species genes changing so that the species will ultimately survive, this is an act that only helps that species. Technology is created to conform to how far evolution has gone. Technology is the next step in the evolution process for humans, and it is making all humans a little more immoral.
A tribal shaman “ensures that the relation between human society and the larger society of beings is balanced and reciprocal, and that the village never takes more form the living land than it returns to it – not just materially but with prayers, propitiations, and praise” (Abram 5). While this seems to be natural and morally thanking the earth for what is has given, the shaman are doing this because the “scale of a harvest or the size of a hunt are always negotiated between the tribal community and the natural world” (Abram 5). This seemingly selfless act is really only to help the amount of food they can grow or catch that season. This leads to the thought that there is no such thing as a purely moral person. “If people think they are at times unselfish, so the argument goes, they must be hiding the selfish motives from themselves. In other words, all of us have two agendas: one hidden in the recesses of our minds, and one that we sell to ourselves and others” (De Waal 662). What this is saying is that even if someone has no thought in their head that what they are about to do is unselfish; the...

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