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Everyone in this day and age uses the internet. It has become a vital information and communication tool for business’ and recreational users. The industry experienced rapid growth during the nineties and a lot of their income was based on advertising. But something went wrong along the way with this advertising as it got out of hand with pop-ups and spam becoming an annoyance to the internet user.
There are two major types of internet advertising: Banner advertising and pop-up advertising. Banner advertisements are located on the page that is being viewed. A pop-up ad is a type of window that appears on top of the browser window of a web site that a person has visited. The business of pop-up ads has literally exploded. You open one window and another one comes popping up, you close this new window and another one opens up. It seems like it is impossible to have a surfing experience now where you do not encounter a pop-up ad. Many companies prefer to use pop-up ads because it is easier than developing brand awareness.
Online advertising was supposed to pay back start-up and operational costs and lead to profitability even as it financed free access to costly content. This is because most companies feel advertising is concerned with both information and motivation. It communicates information to potential consumers, users, suppliers, and investors. It motivates consumers to consume, investors to invest, voters to vote, and so on.
It seemed like every company in the world caught on to this trend and consumers became overloaded with companies and products. It reached the point that people would not even look at the advertisements, defeating the purpose of the marketing. This is because online advertising weakens the advertising signal and drowns it in noise. Advertisers stopped advertising online because the medium's noise to signal ratio rendered their ads ineffective or even annoying.
The people that react with hostility ...

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