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Gateway’s website is very simplistic, but at the same time it is very blunt, and to the point. When we first enter the Gateway site, pop-up advertisements come up which I was not to impressed by, but further examining the main page of the website, the “support, at home, and office” tabs were a definite way of segmenting their clients or visitors of the website. I was very impressed to see that the “At Home” tab consisted of a lot of different options for models of computers. The computers ranged in price from $699 to $2,000 and over. The website really caters to the consumer because you can customize your computer and get everything you need and nothing you don’t. The accessories that gateway offered is a selection second to none; and I also was impressed of all the digital technology that was offered by Gateway. The website was simple and easy to use which is a plus in my books. I give gateway a thumbs up and congratulate them on a segmenting job done well....

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