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Evergrowing Technology

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“ In the past 50 years, no industry has expanded faster or affected more human beings than computers.” They have changed the world in countless ways. With every purchase, with every push of a button, and with every flip of a switch, a computer is involved. It allows us to make unfathomable calculations with the stroke of a keyboard, and has helped develop new technology in every job field. The people involved with developing and maintaining these technological wonders are known as computer engineers.
The career of computer engineering has been growing exponentially for the last 20 years. With constant need for repair, development, or modification, this field has boundless possiblities. As people become more and more reliant on computers, this need for engineers will only increase. Currently, there are many ways to be a computer engineer. There are research engineers who work on future systems to be released into the market. They develop new ideas and concepts for upcoming products and lay the groundwork for other engineers. There are also development engineers who create new products, systems, and applications. They take the ideas from the research engineers and decide how it will be created. Finally, there are also product and manufacturing engineers who transform laboratory creations into things that can be manufactured.
All of these engineers have the same general type of job in the end. They work to improve or manufacture computers in one way or another. They work with both hardware and software to develop new and better ways to make computers work.
However, there is much schooling involved to enter into this career. Along with a high school education, a minimum of a 4 year bachelor degree is also required. A masters or doctorate degree is useful to get higher, or more well paid positions. Once on the job, the average pay for a computer engineer is sixty thousand dollars a year. Starting pay varies depe...

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