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Construction Equipment

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Komatsu is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machines. In this paper I will discuss five different categories and a total of twenty different machines that Komatsu produces. I will include, articulated dump truck, backhoe loaders, crawler carriers, crawler dozers and motor graders.
Articulated Dump Truck
The articulated dump truck is a six-wheeled dump truck that is equipped with a fully hydraulic articulated steering system. This allows the truck to pivot between the cab and the body of the truck.
The Komatsu HM400-1 articulated dump truck is one example. This truck is used to haul up to 29 cubic yards of material over the roughest of terrains. It is especially useful in mining operations to haul the product away.
The HM400-1 has many user-friendly features, which include a wide, spacious cab that allows the operator work in a comfortable environment. The cab can also be tilted rearward to provide easy service to the engine. It is equipped with a turbocharged high performance and environmentally friendly Komatsu SAA6D140E-3 engine that meets North American EPA tier 2 emission regulations for 2001. It is a six cylinder, 444 horsepower, water-cooled 4-cycle engine with 1,508 foot-pounds of torque.
The transmission is a fully automatic, countershaft type, with six speeds forward and two reverses. It has an electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation in all gears. This truck can reach a maximum speed of 36.4 mile per hour. The axles are full time all wheel drive. They also come with 100% differential lock in all three axles with a gear ratio of 3.417:1.
The hydro pneumatic suspension system of the HM400-1 ensures a comfortable ride even over rough terrain. The rear suspension is a combination hydro pneumatic and rubber suspension system.
The steering system is the most unique feature on all articulated dump trucks. The HM400-1 uses an articulated type, fully hydraulic power steering syste...

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