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The following benefits are feasible if the ordering process at Three in Bun were modified:

• Employees could spend less time writing the same things over and over again and more time getting a new range of customers.
• It will take less time to get more of the products and this will make the customers much happier.
• Less wasted resources.
• Supplies would last 50% longer then they do now.

A new system will decrease the amount of equipment use and paperwork. Customer information will be available in an easily accessible form to any employee. Employees will have time to complete meaningful job duties, alleviating the need to hire some temporary clerks.

Three in Bun already has a successful way of operation in the ordering process. To handle the increased volume of data however, it will need to purchase a new database server.

A detailed summary of the costs benefits, including all assumptions, is attached. The potential costs of the purposed solution could range from $20,000 to $25,000. The estimated savings in supplies and postage alone will exceed $40,000.

If you have any questions on the attached detailed cost/benefit summary or require further information please contact me.

Based on the findings presented in this report, we recommend a continued study of the ordering system at Three in Bun....

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