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Continuing through the twenty-first century, technology is expanding and to all aspects of life for the purpose of fixing worldwide problems to making our life’s much easier. In the past few years, a new branch of technology has opened up, called Biotechnology. Biotechnology combines agriculture and science to improve crops. Methods such as Genetics are used to modify crops and animals. Those in the Biotechnology work field say that this new devolvement in science may in the future change agriculture.
So what is the purpose of Biotechnology? It’s to solve nationwide as well as worldwide agriculture problems to make farming more efficient and profitable. Farmers each year lose millions to crop damage from droughts, pest, and poor soil conditions. Biotechnology is not just to make farmers money, but to also put an end to hunger and slow down the growth of disease spread through affected crops. Agriculture plays a major role in our lifestyle. It is the key for our survival. Without food, we simply can not live.
Today crops have been successfully genetically engineered and grown today. Crops such as corn are now grown to be immune to deaseses. The bacteria that once could destroy an entire field of corn, does absolutely nothing to the new crops. With the use of this new technology, pesticides are no longer needed. For instance, soybeans can be genetically altered to grow containing its own pesticide. Also the threat of pesticides entering drinking water is reduced, as the need of the chemicals are no longer needed. Areas with harsh soil conditions that couldn’t support the growth of crops are now able to grow crops. A crop can be changed to live with less water, and survive in warmer temperatures. Countries such as India, where a major medical condition such as blindness is fixed, by changing the genes of rice crops so that it can prevent blindness. Although I did not mention all the benefits of biotechnology, more...

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