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Artificial Intelligence

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“Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the science and engineering of building intelligent machines.” Within this fascinating field there are three main schools of AI: people trying to model what humans do (sort of psychology based) people trying to make what people do easier and better (tools for humans), and people who are trying to build new tools with “far out” capabilities.

Considering the three schools of artificial intelligence, they all compound to one point; people trying to build machines that would model what humans do. Mimicking human behavior as the main goal seems to be a very attainable one. To copy human behavior you must further analyze what human- beings do with ease. Consider what we do subconsciously without much effort is very difficult to a computer. We carry out numerous; even multiple tasks all at once that can make a machine stumble more than once trying to mimic us.

First we have our basic desire of communicating, which comes very easy to us but to a machine to understand language and use it accordingly would be very difficult. The reason for this is that language has numerous problems associated with it. One problem would be simply the syntax of the grammar. There is technology even today on the market that involves speech dictation to make word processing even more accessible and easier for humans. Diligently as the programmers worked on their programming they still encountered one major dilemma associated with their software package. A string of words such as “Wreck a nice beach” and “recognize speech” are two phrases that are phonetically very similar, even though they have very little meaning in common. The dilemma for computers would not be one for humans with their natural ability to comprehend and conclude the two differences and make the correct assumption of the two.

In addition to the argument for understanding language, we have numerous other problems that machines fa...

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