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This report was done using Microsoft Word 2000. When I first saw the title of the article “Stay Fit with MySportTraining” I expected that the article would be about some new kind of fitness program where I would learn how to increase my speed, endurance, strength, etc. for sports but as I started to read the article I realized it had nothing to do with increasing speed, strength, or endurance it was about a computer program made for Windows Powered Handheld or Pocket PC that keeps track of your workout progress.
The author John D. Ottini explains in the introduction paragraph just who the product is made by (Expose Corp.) and what exactly the product does. “The program provides support for both strength, and cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises. If you activity is not include among the 30-plus supported workouts, you can create your own custom activity”.
The first paragraph in his next section of the article John D. Ottini explains what you would see when you first start up the program, “When you start MySportTarining you are presented with the “health” section of the main screen”. His next few paragraphs go into more of an overview on how to use the program and what he thinks would make the program a little better
In the Month, Report, and Graphic Views portion of the article he sums up what the Month, Report, and Graphic views display. “The Month view displays a calender with icons indicating each day you’ve trained, the activity, and the duration of the workout”, “The Report view lets you create a list of workouts for one day, week, or month or for any range of dates”. “The Graphic view displays your workout data in bar charts and line graphs”.
In John D. Ottini’s last paragraph he not only goes on to explain how that his overview of the program doesn’t even begin to cover all the great features in MySportTraining but also he tells us what the program is available on and the prices. “MySportTrai...

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