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Agency Intranet

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“Intranets are everywhere. In a recent Forrester Research Inc. survey of executives at 50 Fortune 1000 companies, 96 percent of those polled were either building or already using internal Web sites. Only 4 percent had no plans to invest in intranet technology. Other surveys indicate that 65 percent to 90 percent of America's biggest corporations expect to implement intranets by the end of this year.”
When I first began this project, I had no idea how to make the Intranet work for us, or actually what the Intranet was, this gave me a lot to learn is a very short period of time. The Intranet page is one that began very small and grew rapidly; most of the employees gave suggestions as to what they wanted to see housed on their Intranet. We use this as a Newspaper of types, if you want to print it off to read later at your leisure you can do so. I received most of the information about Intranets through the website which gave me good design issues and how to solve the problems that I would be facing. The site gave some powerful presentations to view and save to review repeatedly, this assisted me in showing Upper Management what they were missing in not using the Intranet. I found that the Internet was a powerful tool for researching a subject and in relation to the Intranet; it gave me well over two hundred eighty sites to view and learn from. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad due to the massive amounts of information to sift through.
One of the first things that I learned about an Intranet is the network, I did not understand the basics of that until I had a technician draw out what a basic network looked like then I understood. We actually house three networks here, one is under a NOVEL platform, one is under a LINUX platform and the last is under a Windows 2000 platform. Each has its’ own unique standards and programs, which are...

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