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Tiger Woods, And His Influence On Golf

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Tiger Woods’ Influence
The PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) and the game of golf have both grown quite substantially in popularity in the last ten or so years. One could attribute this occurrence to the fact that the newest generation of golfers has grown in numbers from previous years, and the one factor which can be attributed to this amazing increase would no doubt be the young phenom known world wide as Tiger Woods.
On December 30, 1975 Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is born to Kultida and Earl Woods of Cypress, California. “He is nicknamed Tiger in honor of Earl's Vietnam combat buddy, Nguyen Phong, with whom Earl lost touch after the war. Earl had nicknamed Phong "Tiger" for his unblinking bravery.”# Earl Woods was of African American decent, while Kultida was a native of Thailand; these two rich ethnic backgrounds would later shape Tiger into the strong activist for equal rights that he is today. “Earl -- a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army”#, and an avid golf enthusiast decides to get his only child involved in the sport he had grown to love, and do it at an early age.
At the age of three Tiger was given his first set of clubs from his father Earl, even as a small child it was not hard to see his amazing potential to become a great golfer. Tiger’s fame started at a very young age, because of the amazement generated by the fact that a child was able to hit a golf ball with more precision and distance than most adults he was an over night success on the talk show circuit. One of the less glamorous sides of the golf world was its racist ideas supported by some “whites only” courses.

Tiger Woods’ Influence
“In Tiger’s not too distant future he would team up with Nike to address, and try to bring an end to this gross indecency to the different races and cultures of the United States.”#
One story regarding this issue occurs when “Earl takes Tiger, 3, to the ...

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