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The Rock

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The Rock

The story of Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as “The Rock”, began long before his career. Wrestling has been in his family for many generations. Dwayne’s grandfather for example, was a great Samoan wrestler in the state of Hawaii. Later on, Dwayne’s father went on to become a professional wrestler. It had been Dwayne’s dream to become a professional wrestler ever since he was a little kid.

Like most parents, Dwayne’s parents wanted to protect him from whatever they could. In Dwayne’s case, they wanted to protect him from the hardships of professional wrestling because they knew what it could do to a person and a person’s life. Dwayne, however, was determined to be a professional wrestler, and he did everything in his power to make that happen. However, Dwayne put the idea in the back of his head. Instead, he later went on to get a scholarship for football. His new dream of becoming a professional football player soon came to an end when Dwayne suffered from a dislocated shoulder.

After years of training Dwayne finally made it to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Not long after he entered into the WWF became the main event at the biggest pay-per-view wrestling event of the year, which in a way is like the Super Bowl is to football. The main event was scheduled to be between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for the championship belt (which was held by The Rock at the time). After the most exciting match in sports entertainment, the winner was announced to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. This was said to be the greatest moment in The Rock’s career so far. In some ways, this may sound strange because he lost, but just to be in the main event was the biggest accomplishment for a WWF superstar.

The reason that I chose this book is because I am personally inspired by the way The Rock overcame his injuries to become the most entertaining man in sports entertainment today. I feel that ...

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