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What would you do if you found out right now that you were going to be a parent? Would you keep the child, give it up, or abort it? We’re going to explore the latter choice.
Abortion is definitely a two-sided argument, Pro-Choice or Pro Life. You are either for it or you aren’t. Let’s examine some of the facts from each side.
First we will start with Pro Choice – those who are for abortion. Here are some questions of an unborn baby:

If I am not alive,
why am I growing?

If I am not a human being,
what kind of being am I?

If I am not a child,
why am I sucking my thumb?

If I am a living, human child,
why is it legal to kill me?

That child could have been a doctor, a teacher, or even the next president. It’s not the child’s fault it was conceived, so why should it endure the punishment? Why is it that if a drunk driver crashes into a pregnant woman and the fetus is killed, it is considered murder… but if it’s on a doctors table it is OK?
Some people think that “the pill” is a safe alternative to the surgical abortion, and that it’s also more humane. But what some fail to recognize is that “the pill” (RU-486) does not only affect the fetus, but the mother as well. Every year 15,000 to 30,000 women enjoy the pain of this drug. They experience severe cramping, nausea, vomiting and bleeding, and finally expel a tiny, dead human being. This can last up to a week and cause a woman to lose ½ to 2/3 of her blood.
If the mother waits until the second or third trimester her only choice is “Partial Birth Abortion”. This is a truly horrendous procedure. Step by step, it entails (1) inducing a breech delivery with forceps, (2) delivering the legs, arms and torso only, (3) puncturing the back of the skull with scissors, (4) inserting a suction curette into the skull, (4) suctioning the contents of the skull so as to collapse it, (5) completing the delivery.
However that’s not all, ...

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