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Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse
There are many predators out in the world living among us. Some of those predators are accessible to distinguish and safe guard against. Others however do not have a definite classification which makes them a bigger threat. An example of such a predator is a child sexual abuser. According to a research report made by the National Institute of Justice, “There is no single ‘profile’ that accurately describes or accounts for all child molesters” (doc1). More focus must be put on this topic to be able to accurately profile the characteristics of a child sexual abuser. According to Kali Munro, M.Ed., the definition of child sexual abuse is “any form of sexual activity with a child by an adult, or by another child where there is no consent or consent is not possible; or by another child who has power over the child. By this definition, it is possible for a child to be sexually abused by another child who is younger than they are. Sexual abuse includes showing a child pornographic materials, placing the child’s hand on another person’s genitals, touching a child’s genitals, and the more extreme form of abuse that of penetration. Penetration does not have to occur for it to be sexual abuse” (doc2). This criminal offense is despised beyond most other criminal offenses. However because of the lack of victims coming forth and reporting incidents, studies have been based on relatively inaccurate information. More emphasis must be put on persuading the victims of these crimes to come forth. This research is primarily focused on general characteristics of an offender, different types of abuse, and victims of child sexual abuse.
One thing that makes child sexual abuse a difficult topic to study is the fact that there are not any actual guideline to a way an offender is supposed to act. They come from all paths and do different things to children but often times, the “perpetrators are most often someone the ...

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