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Child Abuse

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Children have been abused throughout the world for many years. Child abuse is any “physical or mental” (Rench 163) behavior that endangers the development severity or survival of a child. It is the guardians’ betrayal of trust and authority over a child and the child’s well being. Any serious risk of harm to a child, can be considered child abuse. Some types of child abuse, that children face each day are: physical, sexual, neglect and emotional abuse. Day by day children who are abused have many questions, but no answers, one in particular is “why”.
Children are abused because guardians think that they must use whatever type of discipline necessary to country a child’s behavior to feel justified. In doing so, they relinguish their guilt in the “name of discipline” (Abuse Child, 1 of 1). Caregivers may not understand the skills necessary to meet the need of a child. Some kids are not cared for in the right way because they were not wanted in the first place. Parents may have been exposed to the same abuse and have not learned have to raise their child. Children can also be abused by stressed caregivers.
Children of all ages from babes to teenagers are abused. It occurs in any kind of home and in all types of ethnicity, religion, social and economic background. Abuse has no limits to any age group. Children of all ages may be at risk. Three year olds are often faced with neglect, while teenagers are more likely to be physically abused.
Any “deliberate application” (Abuse, 1 of 1) of force to any part of a child’s body. Children who are physically abused, can also face emotional abuse. Physical abuse can include : slapping, punching, burning, hitting, pushing, biting, shaking, choking, kicking or even poisoning a child. Any harmful or dangerous use of force, can lead a child to have a very low self esteem.
Emotional abuse is denying a child love or affection. Children are also being neglected and not gi...

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