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Art, Literature, And Music Of The 1990's

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Art, Literature, and Music of 1990’s

Society had a great affect on the art, literature, and music of the nineties. When a person who grew up in the nineties looks back on that decade, they remember things such as rap music about sex and drugs. They may remember all of the gang rivalry between rappers, and the murders that resulted. They may recall Beverly Hills 90210, and how it was cool and sexy to wear daisy dukes and shirts that showed off the belly.
As far as fashion went in the nineties, tight jeans, mini skirts, and short shorts were all the craze. It seemed to be that the shorter and tighter, the hotter you were. If you preferred a more comfortable look, you could throw on a pair of “Guess?” jeans, a flannel shirt and a pair of Birkenstocks. Girls in the nineties seemed to think that a cute baby doll dress went great with a pair of Doc Martens and their new Jennifer Aniston haircut. You could never leave the house without adding those accessories to your already great outfit! Berets, bandanas, or baby barrettes completed any outfit. For guys it was shorts way below their waistline (of course with their boxer shorts hanging out for all to see!), baggy shirts, and their chain wallets.
Society had a great effect on what everyone wore in the nineties. Everyone wore what they saw in the magazines and stores because they wanted to fit in. Most people will wear whatever it is that everyone around them is wearing so that they feel accepted. Body piercing became real popular in the nineties, also. From tongues to belly buttons and noses. The more piercings and tattoos one had, the cooler they became. Body piercing and tattoos, which were looked upon by the teenagers as a great form of art, was becoming an everyday argument between parents and their children!
In the nineties, there was an increase in books written on terrorism. More movies that accompanied the books on the subject followed. Some people b...

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