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Against Social Norms

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Extra Credit Essay: Against Social Norms

At first I was unsure what I wanted to do for this assignment. There are so many behaviors that are considered to be “unacceptable” in our society and because I am so adapted to these standards I found it difficult to choose something that wouldn’t make me feel too uncomfortable. I chose to dress up as a man and go to a party at my boyfriend’s college. Normally I would dress-up in “gender appropriate” clothes that allow me to feel comfortable with myself and with my peers as well. I wore my boyfriend’s jeans; a button down plaid shirt and I pulled my hair back. When I entered the party people immediately began staring at me as if I was an outcast. I actually began to feel uncomfortable by the looks I was receiving from people. I continued downstairs to the “party” room where people’s reactions were even more extreme. The people that would normally approach me and be friendly stayed distant and acted, as though they didn’t see me. My only explanation for this would be that they were unsure how other people would react if they were seen associating with me because I was against the “norm”. I was surprisingly disgusted with people’s reactions to my appearance. I had expected people to joke about my appearance and approach me questioning my decision to wear “guy” clothes to a party.
This experience has definitely opened my eyes about the way “we” as a society view people that are against the norm. I can’t imagine being treated so harshly all the time by my peers just because I don’t fit in with their standards....

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