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Adult Content

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“Adult Content”

What exactly is adult content? Is it in a song where every word needs to be censored? Is it a movie that only mature adults may see, or a movie where everyone is being killed? Is it material that we don’t allow our youth to see, but they are tempted to see and pursue. Bob Greene states in this essay that “the things in our world that are violent, that are crude, that are dull and mean spirited are the things considered “adult”.
Young males at a very young age seem to be a great target of the mass media. They are now experimenting with the desire for women. They are interested in the idea of violence , and eventually will experience someone using alcohol or the use of drugs.
Pornography seems to be a favorite among the male population. It comes in a wide variety of forms. Video and magazines are the most prominent forms of pornography. They also can be found in television and on the internet. America tries to put an age limit or use laws to restrict access to whom we have deemed to young to view the material. But if you have a computer and access to the internet that doesn’t matter, they can just sign on and go to one of the millions of pornography sites available.
Violence is also another chapter in the “adult” book. Everywhere you look there is violence. You can not even turn on the television and not see violence. Watch the news and see the latest gang bang or a war in another country. Even the ads on television contain violence. There is always a new video game or movie coming out that involves some form of fighting or killing. Since the early 90’s children have seen or played a video game that has violent illustrations. Today these game have worsened, the new technology has made it look real and addicting. Children are playing these for hours and filling their heads with the violent pictures.
Music also contains the “adult” label. Rap is a genre mostly focused toward the African cu...

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