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A Comparison Of Special Relationships

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A Comparison of Special Relationships

Many would be surprised, perhaps even appalled, if a man’s relationship with his girlfriend was compared to a relationship with his dog. There are, however, many similarities in these two special relationships. Such similarities would include the true love and deep affection felt towards both a man’s girlfriend and his dog. There are also fundamental differences in how a man relates to his girlfriend and his dog. An example would be the difference in what a man does to please his girlfriend and what he does to please his dog. Another example would be the differences in the degree of loyalty a man’s girlfriend and his dog feels for him. These differences affect the way a man thinks and feels about both his girlfriend and his dog.
What a man does to please his girlfriend and what a man does to please his dog are two entirely different things. It is quite difficult to please your girlfriend. You may try by taking her out for a night on the town. You might take her shopping at the new mall. You might go with her through all the trendy stores in the new shopping mall. You might even buy that pricey sweater in one of the trendy stores. That same night you might take her to the movie she has been hoping to see. Any girl will tell you that a movie isn't a movie unless you have popcorn! Quite naturally you will need to get her something to drink with that popcorn. To go that extra mile you should probably bring back her favorite candy bar, in case she gets a sweet tooth. You must also please your girlfriend emotionally. You might ask her about her day, talk about where the relationship is headed or work through a particular problem. In the process you must remain honest and forthright yet sensitive and kind. When it's all said and done you have for at least the next few days made your girlfriend relatively happy. To please your dog with an activity of some sort you can take ...

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