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Abuse Or Neglect

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Abuse or Neglect
When most people think of child maltreatment, they usually think of one general category concerning any type of harm inflicted upon a child. What most people do not realize is there is a second category known as child neglect. Child neglect happens to be the most common form of child maltreatment, and sometimes the most overlooked.
Child abuse and child neglect both share some common traits. Both categories are punishable by law, carrying heavy penalties in court. They each cause developmental issues physically, socially, and emotionally. Also, child abuse and child neglect are equally detrimental and could cause the death of a child.
Child abuse and child neglect, even with their similarities, have very different definitions and characteristics. Child abuse is any intended or actual harm done to a child by the parent or primary caregiver. A child being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused would fall under the category of child abuse. Child neglect is the parent or primary caregiver denying a child his or her basic needs. Abandoning a child or failing to provide adequate food, shelter, or clothing is child neglect. Even failing to provide educational and health services for a child would be considered child neglect.
Child abuse and child neglect, however similar, are two different forms of child maltreatment. They each deserve their own category to make it easier to recognize, define, and judge the exact extent of wrong done to a child....

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