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Antiamericanism & Antiglobalism

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Antiglobalism and Anti-Americanism
Anti-Americanism and anti-globalization go hand in hand because Americans believe in globalization. Globalization is the “bringing of every aspect of world society under one universal political system” (Anderson, 1994, p.1). Anti-Americanism is strong disapproval or even hatred for the United States of America, its government, people’s, or its “way of life”. Many countries, groups, organizations, amongst others, attack the American way because they see us representing globalization. The sad thing about it is that they themselves, professed anti-Americanists, use globalization to promote their hatred. Anti-Americanism can vary from mere dislike and disapproval of America, such at times exhibited by European nations, to destruction and violence, such as that shown by terrorists. In many instances, the “United States is perceived as a bully ready to use all means including overwhelming force against those who resist it” (Hoffmann, 2001, p.192). These actions cause groups to become Anti-Americanists. They feel that America has no right to bully over people just because they will not side with American causes. For example, nations that were on the American side are now turning to anti-Americanism. “Countries such as France,
Germany and Britain, which for more than five decades have been the closest allies of the United States, are beginning to drift away, propelled by wave of concern, alarm and resentment” (Frankel, 2003, p. 1). The cause of this may be the United States policy towards Iraq, but the emerging theme is their sense of fear and loathing of American power, policies, and motives. People are thinking of the worse possible motives from American behavior, as said by Gary Smith, executive director of American Academy, a non-profit institute of advanced studies in Berlin. Another example of why the groups hate America is because of religion. Religion, especially in i...

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