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Air Travel

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Air Travel
Traveling by air has become a way of life for many business professionals and vacationers alike. Although not always the most comfortable way of travel, airplanes have been used to get people to their destination in a timely manner. Depending on one’s financial situation, he or she can choose various seating options on the aircraft- such as flying first–class or flying coach-class. However, all budgets aside, flying first-class is the most comfortable, provides the best food, and is a favorably located section when compared to flying coach.
Comfortable seating is the key to an enjoyable flight. Most people traveling on aircraft like to rest while on the plane. The seats in both first-class and coach-class are able to recline. Both seating sections also have chairs with armrests, as well as blankets and pillows to further comfort the passenger. Coach-class usually has seating in cramped rows of three, whereas in first-class, the seats are situated in rows of two. This seating arrangement allows for a more spread out and comfortable ride. The chairs in first –class are usually made out of leather and are quite larger than those in coach. In addition, the rows of first-class seats are separated far enough so that one can recline with ease, while not infringing on the space of the person behind him. In coach-class, the rows are quite close together, and therefore can sometimes make for an uncomfortable flight- especially when it comes time for food service
Both first and coach class sections of airplanes offer some type of food service to its passengers. They offer a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as a choice of beverages. Although airlines are not known for providing gourmet cuisine, the first-class sections are usually offered a menu so that the passenger can choose his or her meal preference. Food served in coach-class typically arrives in a box form, and is the same food for each of the passengers. ...

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