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When I get home, the first thing I see is my brother who is more than likely watching television. His favorite television program at the moment is Nickelodeon’s Sponge Bob Square Pants. As he watches this children’s television channel, he is being attacked by many marketers telling him what he should have and absolutely needs. Unfortunately, many young children, like my brother, cannot resist temptation and ask their parents to buy them these toys that they see on television. They are shown at a very young age what plastic money is and are too young to grasp the idea that credit cards are real money. Too many commercials nowadays are being targeted at young children more than ever before. They focus on them because they know there is a big market on things that children want. There is also a pattern that goes with this commercial marketing to children. From a start, children feel like they can never have enough of what they want. When they see something that they do not necessarily need they want it in order for them to fit in with their peers. It’s a vice that will grow with them until they are adults, and the older they get the more serious the problem. More than ever, marketers have their money set on children to buy more, get more and have more. Of course they are the money makers of the family, so they are the ones who are to influence their parents to buy them what they want.
Nowadays children are constantly bombarded with television commercials and advertisements. When kids get home from school their first instinct is to rush to the television set to watch their favorite cartoons. Between the hours of three in the afternoon till about six, marketers try to sell their products to the young consumers. They are bombarded with Barbie, Pokemon, Lego, and various action hero toys that children want to have and buy. At the movie theatres, there are always advertisements for upcoming films that are t...

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