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Advertisementing For America

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According to “Body Image & Advertising,” the average woman sees up to six-hundred advertisements every day. Many people have become unaware of advertising’s presence, because it is so banal and ingrained in American’s everyday lives. Not only do people not notice it when something is being marketed towards them, but they don’t understand the drastic affects advertising has on them. But in fact, advertising has a very large and very real affect on consumers. Things are marketed indiscreetly as well as subliminally. These messages are often given through beautiful models telling consumers to buy a certain product. Very few products are advertised using less than perfect women. Unfortunately, this causes much harm for the American society. Both males and females of all ages are distress over the body images seen in advertisements.
The purpose of advertising is to market products to as many people as possible. Advertisements are seen in more than just commercials and advertisements; they are also in movies and television shows. Movies and television shows can hold many advertisements. When actors wear a specific brand of clothing or use a brand of cologne in movies, they are usually paid for their advertisement by the companies.
The best way to advertise a product is make consumers feel dissatisfied with what they already have and make them want more. Causing people to buy things they otherwise wouldn’t, advertising creates a constant need.
Commercials and other forms of advertising give people distorted views of what a healthy body image is. People try to achieve the perfect body, but find themselves lacking when compared to models and actors. This is unattainable because the men and women in advertising, television, and movies are airbrushed to take away discoloration, bumps, wrinkles, and any other blemishes that are unappealing. By showing consumers an unattainable goal, advertisers have set a never...

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