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Adolescence And Stereotypes

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Today, many teenagers are under constant pressure of stereotypes. Those types of people are defined as shallow, naïve and sometimes uncompassionate youngsters. Most of the problems come from their common failures to take social risks and the possession of an open mind. We are all one student body. Yet, we are so separated in many aspects.
Much of the stereotyping exists, because of our inability to look past appearances. Many designers make up new fashions and trends in clothing, which often increases the competition for and identity of a teenager. If you don’t fit into a group’s clothing style than chances are you can be excluded from it. Different hair styles sometimes dictate the authority among peers or if the person is worth knowing to be friends with. Your friends could simply reject you, because of the look of your pimpled face. It is natural, as a part of a growing process, but your peer groups might have a complete different opinion about that. I remember a friend of mine came up and told me how he was excluded from a group based on a simple thing as his own look. I believe, it is not fair to be rejected, based upon your look comparison with your friends of the same group. These days however, there is too much emphasis on looks, which makes it harder to be a teenager, while finding a way to your own identity.
Now days, it would be highly unlikely for boys to become more like girls. Gender roles dictate the appropriate behaviors for boys and girls alike. I can recall a personal example when I was learning how to swim. The girls were falling behind for the most part. It was generally acceptable, even the instructor himself paid more attention to us guys. Traditionally, guys were always pictured as strong and violent and girls were always cute and placid. The looks and behaviors of both genders were reflected from the roles the society intended for them to do.
It is also important to remember, that harmony in adolescence t...

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