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“‘You do Abortions on pregnant women don’t you?’ Jessica asked… ‘Yes, Jessica, I do abortions. It’s an important part of my work.’ ‘How can you do that?…Isn’t that like killing babies?’ ‘No. It’s not.’” (Sloan, 1) In the conversation between Dr. Sloan and his niece Jessica, Sloan illustrates the viewpoint of most doctors on abortion. Doctors view that the baby, or fetus, is something that “can’t live out side the uterus. It gets everything from the mother’s body. It’s living tissue of sorts” (Sloan, 3). So if the medical world and most people feel that the fetus is just human tissue, then why do other people see it in another way?
However, on the other side of the abortion debate the anti-choice groups call abortion an act of murder. How can you decided if abortions are murder? One way to be able to tell is to figure out if the fetus is human life or tissue. Though, basically the adult human body is composed of tissue and water. So to say that it is ok to kill the fetus because it is only tissue doesn’t make sense when all humans are just tissue and it is not okay to kill other humans. Another strategy to understand if the abortion procedure is killing is by figuring out if the fetus is a living human. Mr. Brennan expresses this in his article about how abortions are murder by saying “the word ‘kill’ when referring to abortions, is a perfectly legitimate term to describe what an abortion actually does to the unborn child. When the abortionist invades the sanctuary of the womb, the passenger within is by scientific criteria alive, growing, and developing. After the abortionist accomplishes his lethal task, the intrauterine victim is definitely no longer alive, and therefore dead. And it is the abortion procedure that brought about this death” (Brennan, 3). If the unborn fetus is alive at the beginning, then when it is taken out and dies from exposure isn’t that killing the unborn? ...

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