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A Womans Right

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A Woman’s Right
Pornography. Is it a woman’s right or not? While there are many women who oppose pornography because they think it degrades and demeans women, I believe that there are many women who approve of pornography due to the many positive benefits it has for them such as providing sexual curiosity opportunities and improving couples sexual relationships. You would think that defining the word pornography would be a simple task, but it is not. There were a number of sources that I found in which defined the word pornography as some sort of violent and unjustified sexually explicit material. This was generally the case whenever I found an article against pornography. Unfortunately, there is no universal definition for pornography because everyone has their own ideas in their head of what they think it means. Pornography does not degrade and demean women.
When most people think of pornography, or of who they think watches it, stereotypically, many people tend to visualize a lonely man sitting naked in front of his television set, one hand on his penis and the other on his beer watching two women perform oral sex on each other. Interestingly enough, pornography is not just base solely for one person; it is also beneficial to couples....

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